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CPO 2018 Spring Convention Handouts

Thank you for registering to attend the CPO Spring Convention and Trade Show. Below are handouts provided by convention speakers. (Note: not all speakers chose to provide handouts.) Handouts will not be available on-site, you will need to copy them to your computer, print and bring with you - or they will be available online during the convention for to you view if you bring your personal laptop to the convention.

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Suggestion when printing - choose black and white, two-sided copies

The handouts are in a PDF format. You will need a PDF reader, such as Apple Preview or the free Adobe Reader, to view the handouts. Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, some of the handouts may take a few moments to download.

Handouts for Monday, April 23, 2018

SNF Payment Policy: The Roller Coaster Ride Continues: Where we stand with Medicare Parts A and B

Washington's Impact on Skilled Nursing Financing

Boldly Face Your Finances to Create a Beautiful Bottom Line

Quality Measures: Take Charge

QAPI: Out of the starting blocks

Reducing Readmissions through Seamless Transitions

New MDS Regulations Effective October 1, 2018

Power of Attorney Agent VS. Court Appointed Guardian

Optimizing Medications for Elders Living in Oklahoma LTC Communities

It’s Not OK to Fall

The Importance of Oral Healthcare in the Facility

Managing Behaviors in Clients with Intellectual Disability: The Power of Prevention, and Other Tools

Engaging Your Hospital

Medication Reconciliation Worksheet

QI Summary Worksheet

QI Tool for Review for Acute Care Transfers

Stop and Watch - Early Warning Tool


Handouts for Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Transformational Change: Designing, Implementing and Sustaining Person-Centered-Care and Resident-Choice

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Preventing Drug Diversion in LTC

CMS RoP & Surveyor Guidance for Activities and Social Services

Activity Programming: That’s a GREAT Idea

Basic Knife Skills

Dining Tips for Champions

Bold & Beautiful or Ambiguous & Ugly Regulations: What You Need to Know

Emergency Preparedness – Armed Intruder / Active Shooter

Human Sexuality, Abuse, Rights, and Consent in Long Term Care

Cultivating Bold and Beautiful Relationships: Strategies for Employee Retention

Turn Your House Plants into Terrariums; How to Promote Self-Growth within Direct Support Staff

What is the Sound of Your Organization? A Seminar about Promoting a Flourishing Culture

Handouts for Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CMS RoP: Facility Assessment

CMS RoP: Facility Assessment Tool

CMS RoP: Behavioral Health & Emotional Status